Welcome to Inspired Thinking. Our aim is to inspire you to be true to yourself - by helping you realise who you really are as an ego-free and fully awakened 'Being'.

We all have egos and our thoughts feed and nourish our egos in a way that determines the state of our mental and physical well-being, our relationships with others and our general approach to life. Unfortunately we are not fully conscious of this fact, because from the moment we are born, we are moulded continuously by people around us and the society that we live in, in order to fit into an image of what they think we ought to be rather than who we think we really are. From when we emerge into the world, we are given a name and a script to follow through life. This script we are given, contains continuously updated and rewritten rules and roles that form the basis our ego or outwardly projected identity.  

The end product of this script is the 'ego'. The ego provides the uniform and mask we cloak ourselves in and the guidelines we follow through life, it is a sum total of 'who' we think we are or should be, based on who we have been told we should be. There can be many scripts, many uniforms and many masks to wear as we journey through life, and we have become fully absorbed in playing out this game, to the point that we have lost or forgotten about the true 'being' behind all of this i.e. the 'self' inside the uniform and behind the mask - this 'BEING' is the real and naked 'YOU'.

Inspired-thinking aims to help you gradually strip off the layers of unforms and masks that have accumulated and hidden you from who your really are...